Ghanaian Engineers & Architects Association of America

Ghanaian Engineers & Architects Association of America (GEAAA), is an organization of licensed Professional Engineers (PEs), Architects and Engineer Interns (EIs). Through education, licensure advocacy, leadership training, multi-disciplinary networking, and outreach, GEAAA enhances the image of its members and their ability to ethically and professionally practice engineering.

The goal of GEAAA is to organize and unite in fellowship the engineering and architectural professionals of Ghanaian origin; to assimilate the arts and sciences of Ghanaian Heritage into the American society to enhance the image and high visibility of Ghanaian professionals and to stand tall within American mainstream. GEAA has two scholarship programs;

DR. OSEI Kwabena Gyebi Scholarship Fund and

The scholarship awards are given by GEAAA annually to individuals who undertake innovations that provide practical solutions to technological problems pertaining to Africa, as well as contribute to its economic growth & quality of life.

Prof. Nicholas Kumapley Scholarship Fund

The scholarship awards are given by GEAAA annually to engineering, architectural and mathematics/science students who demonstrate excellent academic performance/innovation. The organisation also has an ongoing STEM project

Virginia Association of Ghanaian Nurses

The Virginia Association of Ghanaian Nurses (VAGHAN) is a non-profit nursing professional organization whose members are Registered Nurses, and Licensed Practical Nurses, licensed to practice in the State of Virginia.

VAGHAN was formed on March 8, 2008, primarily to reach out to the Ghanaian Community in the State of Virginia. As a determined group of health care professionals yearning to give back to the community, it was observed that many Ghanaian residents were neglectful of their health and as a result were succumbing to preventable diseases

The mission of VAGHAN is to provide strategic vision, inspiration and health education to the Gh OBJECTIVES:

• Network with colleagues, professional organizations and agencies in the development and implementation of educational programs relevant to nursing practice, education, and research.
• Influence legislation and public policies that directly or indirectly affect healthcare and nursing practices.
• Facilitate professional and cultural adjustment of Ghanaian nurses in the USA through collaboration with organizations and agencies both in Ghana and the USA.
• Organize and actively participate in professional and cultural health promotion in the community we serve and globally.
• To promote health maintenance and wellbeing among Ghanaians living in the United States and in Ghana.

Association of Ghana Lawyers of America (AGLA)

The Association of Ghana Lawyers of America (AGLA) is set up to provide a forum for Ghanaian Lawyers in the United States to address matters relevant to their profession, to advocate and support the advancement of Ghana and its people while serving as a dominant link between Ghana and the United States; to serve and to give.

AGLA’s objective is to provide legal services to people who need legal help in our community as well as provide resources to Ghanaian attorneys in the United States

AGLA hopes to galvanize Ghanaian attorneys in the US for their own professional benefit, to become the dominant link between the US and Ghana for the mutual benefit of both countries, and to advocate for the advancement of Ghana and Ghanaians in the US.

More fundamentally, the organization looks forward to helping members of the community access and navigate the complex US legal system.

Ghana Physicians & Surgeons Foundation (GPSF)

Ghana Physicians & Surgeons Foundation (GPSF) is the US registered 501(c) entity setup to support the mission of the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons in North America by engaging in advocacy, education and programmatic events that advance the public health of Ghanaians in Ghana as well as in the North America Diaspora.

GPSF designs and implements public health initiatives that span the gamut from advocacy to education and awareness campaigns. They also lead programs/projects that improve the health of Ghanaians in Ghana and North America.

GPSF runs professional development programs including Continuing Medical Education programs such as our annual conferences, formal mentoring programs to develop young medical talent and educational exchanges that give educational and professional opportunities (in the US) to medical trainees in Ghana. They also provide networking forums at both the national and local chapter level to provide members with peer support and opportunities to expand and enrich their professional networks. GPSF works closely with the Ghana College of Physicians & Surgeons in Accra.

Ghanaian Pharmacists Association

The vision of the Ghanaian Pharmacists Association (GPhA) is the establishment of a unified national network of Ghanaian Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians and Students who will make a powerfully positive impact in Health-care both in the United States and in Ghana.

It is the mission of GPhA to advocate for all Ghanaian Pharmacists and Technicians, share knowledge, ideas, and innovations, assist with career opportunities and project a good professional image while working to strengthen the bond between Pharmacists in both countries.

The Goals and Objectives of GPhA are:
• Formation of a national professional network of Ghanaian pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, and Pharmacy students.
• Advocate on behalf of all Ghanaian pharmacists, students, and Pharmacy Technicians.
• Encourage professional competency and leadership development.
• Partnering with other health care professionals and organizations to promote optimum health both here and in Ghana and organize health missions to Ghana.
• Support pharmacy students, new graduates and Ghanaian pharmacists migrating to the United States.
• Support pharmacy schools both in Ghana and the United States in terms of aid, mentorship, preceptor-ship and educational trips to Ghana.
• Establish a working partnership with the Ghana Pharmacy Council and the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana.
• Engage in charitable activities and community services.

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